Sunflowers Home Daycare offers its services in a monthly package including the maximum 9 hours of care per day, which includes music, dance, yoga, and mostly organic breakfast, lunch & dinner by the rate of:


Tuition, $1995/Month

Registration fee, (Once, non-refundable) $150

Security deposit, (Once, refundable) Equal to one-month tuition

Extra hours of care is available upon request based on $400/month (Half-hour, $200/month).

Sibling Policy: The second child will receive a $95 sibling policy discount.


Our contracts would be year-round based on our school calendar. Please see the enrollment packet for more information. Families should come and leave based on their schedule to avoid early drop-off or late pick up fees. Unanticipated additional hours, scheduled one day in advance, will be charged $20.00 per hour. (max. until 6:00 pm).

Regarding extra care hours, parents who need routine additional care before or after work hours are welcomed to arrange per the availability.  Rates may vary for additional hours. Full-time hours total 21-45 hours maximum per week, or a total of 4+ hours per day, not to exceed 9 hours per day.


In case of any changes especially policy, rates, and fees, Sunflowers Daycare Inc. will notify parents and guardians by 30-day written notice.