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Weekly Yoga Classes

Every Tuesday

Every Tuesday, both classes have yoga, where they touch their toes and reach for the sky!

Weekly Music Classes

Every Wednesday

On Wednesdays, we have music classes, where all kids can discover and play around with different instruments with the guidance of the music teacher. All children also participate in a few sing-along activities which allow them to engage in an educational and enjoyable learning experience.     

Monthly Field Trips


All the kids are taken to one field trip per month but depending on the field trip locations chosen, the two groups will go on different field trips.


Every Friday

On Fridays, the kids bake healthy treats by working together and sharing roles.


spring time

We know that kids need a variety of activities to be entertained. So that's why Ms. Mahta started the gardening activities, where kids get the opportunity to grow and take care of some of the food they eat.

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